A hernia is very painful, to say the least. The pain begins in the right groin (due to the Hernia) and goes around the Hernia, usually from the chest through the left hip to the lower back. Delayed or unattended pain may require the patient to undergo hernia repair surgery, a procedure that essentially involves the surgeon applying a specialized medical mesh, known as a hernia mesh, to prevent the patient from experiencing any further pain. (A hernia mesh is actually attached to the upper and lower part of the abdomen.)

At least with the hernia mesh, there were those that thought that maybe their problems would lighten up only to find out that hernia mesh problems can turn up years later.

But the procedure isn’t always the most ideal solution. In fact, after such operations, the hernia mesh can potentially damage the nerves in the patient’s body. As a result, the patient can suffer from a condition called chronic sciatica, which is often accompanied by other symptoms, like foot pain, back pain, and kidney and bladder pain.

This is no doubt something that causes a lot of upset feelings and aggravation. That is because they thought that they wouldn’t have as many problems as before.

What Is A Hernia Mesh?

The process involves instruments that go through the wall of the muscle to the person’s abdomen. The instruments go through the lining that is covering the person’s organs. This is the peritoneum, and then a flap of it is peeled back and over the Hernia. A piece of the mesh is glued or stapled to the weak area of the abdomen wall to help it grow stronger.

Hernia Mesh Problems Years Later

After having the surgical mesh, there have been cases where there are hernia problems and symptoms that can occur many years later after the hernia mesh repair. There are problems and pain, and the manufacturer of the mesh is often in denial of this reality that occurs too many times.

What Are the Symptoms of Repair Failure?

There are five symptoms that usually occur, and this happens because the hernia mesh repair failed. Here are the five symptoms that are easily noticed:

  1. Pain – Hernia causes chronic pain, which can develop into physiological pain. Chronic pain associated with Hernia can be very distressing and can even lead to a series of other medical issues.
  2. Bowel Obstruction – With the bowel obstruction, sometimes there are issues that are scarred. There may also be parts of the intestines that somehow fused to the mesh. This, in turn, creates a blockage, and the person is unable to relieve themselves.
  3. Erectile Dysfunction – The inability to get an erection during or after sexual activity or masturbation is also a sign that your hernia mesh has failed. This is very frustrating and makes a man feel very inadequate and upset.

Note: A hernia mesh must be firmly connected to the pelvic floor to function properly. If it does not, then the skin beneath the mesh will become irritated and eventually rupture. In rare cases, a hernia mesh ruptures, leading to, for example, the formation of a blood clot or stroke, and in such case, you would want to consult your doctor immediately.

  1. Infections – There may be infections, and this also causes a lot of pain. The fluid buildup can cause bloating too. If the problem, go untreated, then it may result in permanent tissue damage.
  2. Hernia Is Back – The return of the Hernia is a clear indication that the hernia mesh repair didn’t work properly. The worst part is that this can occur many years after you are undergoing surgery. The primary objective of hernia mesh it’s too makes sure that there is no space between the sheath and the opening of the abdomen, creating a tight-fitting pore. However, if you feel by convexity, then without giving any second thought, you would want to consult your doctor.

There Are Many Lawsuits and Settlements with Hernia Mesh Problems

Since hernia mesh problems are numerous, there have been many lawsuits and settlements. Just with the Kugel mesh cases, the settlements averaged around $70,000 per plaintiff. In another trial with Kugel, there was a verdict made at the amount of $1.5 million. Each case is different when it involves hernia mesh problems, so the amounts of the settlements will vary.

After many years, there are problems with the hernia mesh repair. If a person should need to do something about it, they are encouraged to seek the help that they need. This will help them to become healthier in many ways. Since problems with a hernia mesh can show up years later, people need to take note of their body well and get the help that they need when it is necessary.