There are many hernia mesh products that were recalled due to some production issues. In fact, these brought in a lot of side effects, which is why it’s extremely important to know what items were recalled and why. With that in mind, here you have the hernia mesh recall list and you can see which ones of the products were recalled and why.

Hernia mesh recall list

Below is a list of hernia mesh devices that have been recalled. The following information was pulled from the U.S. Medical Device Recalls Database.

  • Atrium Medical 9, 2013 (145,251 units recalled) – the product C-QUR Edge Mesh C-QUR TacShield C-QUR V-Patch Mesh C-QUR Mesh (all sizes) was recalled for improper packaging.
  • Bard Davol 22, 2005 Expanded on Jan. 5 and Mar. 24, 2006 (31,761 units) – the products Bard Composix Kugel Mesh X-Large Patch Oval, Bard Composix Kugel Large Oval, 5.4” x 7” Bard Composix Kugel Oval, 6.3” x 12.3” Bard Composix Kugel Large Circle, 4.5” were recalled because they had a ring breaking potential, not to mention fistula or bowel perforation problems.
  • Bard Davol 10, 2007(16,603 units) – in this case, the products Bard Composix Kugel Hernia Patch Large Oval with EPTFE, 5.4” x 7” and the Bard Composix Kugel Hernia Patch Large Circle with EPTFE, 4.5” were recalled due to the same fistula and bowel perforation or ring breaking issue.
  • Ethicon 21, 2005 (18,000 units) Oct. 18, 2010 (87 units) as well as Ethicon Feb. 19, 2014 (223 units) recalled the Proceed surgical mesh. The older batches were recalled because they had the potential to lose their laminate coating. The 2014 batch was recalled because it had some packaging defects which also caused delamination.
  • Ethicon May 27, 2016, fully withdrawn the Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh because the product came with an extremely high failure rate.

Are there any other hernia mesh recall manufacturers?

As you can see from our hernia mesh recall list, the manufacturers in question are mostly Atrium, Ethicon and Bard Davol. There are no other manufacturers on the hernia mesh recall manufacturers list, however, more can be added in time as needed. We will update the hernia mesh recall list as needed if any other manufacturers or units get recalled.

Can you file a lawsuit?

Yes, you can file a lawsuit related to the hernia mesh recall. That being said, there are thousands of lawsuits against the manufacturers and some of the settlements got multiple million dollars. Of course, hernia mesh settlements will vary based on how much damage a person had to deal with. A winning settlement will usually provide compensation for the medical care costs, lost wages for previous and future work, emotional distress as well as pain and suffering.

It’s important to study the hernia mesh recall list to see if you were affected by this or not. It’s unfortunate that there are hernia mesh defects, but as we mentioned there are different issues that appear with every product. So it’s very hard to assess how your body will interact with a hernia mesh product and what issues can arise. Also, hernia mesh products can be malfunctioning from the start, which can be even more problematic. That’s why you need to see a doctor and, if needed, file a lawsuit to receive some damages for the problem.

Do you need to file a hernia mesh lawsuit?

We may be able to help you. Fill out our online hernia mesh lawsuit form and one of our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible to get started. Also, you can call us directly at (888) 333-1599.