Hernia mesh devices are often used to repair hernias, which are when structural tissue fails. The problem with hernia mesh devices is that many have been known to be faulty. Faulty or defective hernia mesh devices have caused numerous problems for hernia patients in recent years. Those hernia mesh failures require hernia mesh repair surgery, and sometimes complete removal.

Causes of Hernia Mesh Repair Surgery

  • Hernia Mesh Failure
  • Mesh erosion
  • Mesh infection
  • Mesh migration
  • Hernia recurrence
  • Mesh shrinkage
  • Mesh perforation (nearby tissues or organs)
  • Mesh adhesion

Hernia Mesh Complications

Patients will recognize hernia mesh failures from different complications they may experience. Patients may experience bleeding. They may also experience severe pain. The hernia itself may come back, which is called hernia recurrence and requires surgery. Patients may also experience nausea, vomiting, as well as bowel obstruction and even sepsis.

If you experience any of these complications, it is important that you seek medical attention immediately. Your doctor will run tests and examine your symptoms to determine if you require additional treatment.

Hernia Recurrence may require hernia revision surgery

Defective hernia mesh devices are notorious for causing hernia recurrence. This often requires hernia mesh repair surgery to repair the damaged tissue. This can lead to prolonged recovery time. An additional surgery also adds extra medical expenses. It also means lost wages, due to missed work from added recovery time. Several manufacturers have issued hernia mesh recalls over the past few years. This means that if you’ve had hernia repair surgery where a hernia mesh device was used, you may want to see if your device is on the recall list.

If you’ve experienced complications from your hernia mesh surgery, you will want to see your doctor to find out the next steps. If you are experiencing pain or bleeding, or a nearby organ has been perforated, you may need additional surgery.

I had hernia Mesh Surgery Years ago. Do I still need Hernia Mesh Repair Surgery?

Hernia mesh devices can last years after your initial surgery. They do not have a certain time period when they break down or fail. Some fail years after surgery, while others can fail immediately after you have the surgery. Sometimes the materials themselves break down, which requires complete removal of the device. If unnatural materials come into contact with tissue inside your body, it can cause a foreign body reaction. This is where the body thinks the mesh product is something that is trying to attack the body, and it tried to reject the material. This results in inflammation and a buildup of tissue and fluid.

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